Tips To Select an Armoire For Your Bedroom

Armoires are not only a great way to compliment the style of a room, but most importantly, they are an excellent means to organize your clothes and essentials. Armoires have been used in homes for many centuries and were referred to as “mini closets” or “armoires antiques.” The term “mini,” when used in relation to furniture, denotes that it is less than normal sized. In this case, the armoire is typically smaller than the average closet. Most armoire styles are somewhere in between an armoire and a normal dresser. Most armoires are meant to hold and organize a collection of clothes.

Armoires can also be repurposed as TV cabinets, laundry room storage, and other organizational solutions. Whatever you decide to store within it, you can always close the doors of your mini closet in order to transfer your attention to a more restful and relaxing space. The purpose for which an armoire will be used will generally determine the design and functionality. For instance, if an armoire will be used in a guest bedroom, then more functional features may be incorporated into the design such as a hinged doors and adjustable shelves.

Armoire styles come in a wide array of sizes, shapes, and colors. For a dressing room, an armoire with multiple drawers on each side is preferable. This enables more storage and organization. You should always consider the number of drawers you need and how they will be used. In the bedroom, armoires with multiple hanging clothes lines are perfect. The clothes lines can be hidden away, while the stored garments sit neatly folded in the drawers. A hinged door provides easy access to the clothes and can make the armoire look more appealing.

In selecting an armoire for a bedroom, you will need to select one that has enough storage space for your clothing needs. The height (bottom to top) of the armoire is another factor you must consider. If the bedroom is small, a smaller height is recommended so that there will be no problem fitting the furniture through the door. If the bedroom is large, a tall, spacious armoire may be the way to go.

A material other than wood will also affect the size and height of the armoire. Oak, cherry, and pine are some great examples of materials that are sturdy and durable. They are also lighter in weight than hard woods such as maple or mahogany. Hard woods often found in armoires with doors because they are more durable when opening the doors due to the solid wood. The doors of a wardrobe armoire can close tightly against the sides to keep clothes from scattering around.

Another popular style of armoire is when it has a full dresser and mirror attached to the top. This is a good choice for a master bedroom or dressing room. You will be able to see yourself in the mirror as you are looking for your clothes. Armoires can also be placed in a child’s room. It is recommended to have the dresser and mirror on the same level.

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