Choosing Trundle Bed Mattresses

Trundle beds are an attractive alternative to a traditional full-size bed. A trundle bed is simply an additional sleeping bed that is stored under a larger full size bed (here is a good example). It is most often installed in smaller rooms where storage and space are often limited. Traditional trundle beds either move in and out of underneath the top bed using casters or they remain very close to the ground, most likely remaining under the same floor level when pulled out.

Trundle beds are normally made from a single sturdy, wood framed piece of furniture. As a rule these pieces of furniture are designed so that the middle section fits under the top section of the existing bed. This provides a more stable foundation for the mattress, which in turn reduces the risk of the bed collapsing or shoring.

There are many different types of trundles and it can be confusing for the uninitiated to choose the right one. In fact the choice of trundle depends on the way you plan to use it. For instance, bed trundles with drawers provide the best value for money as they offer both better storage and additional comfort. The price will also generally drop as the drawer style offers a number of additional benefits that are hard to find elsewhere. Therefore if you want the best quality and price then consider trundle beds with drawers.

On the other hand standard trundle beds are designed so that they offer much more storage space in the form of a chest of drawers. These tend to be much larger in size and can in some cases have as many as three drawers underneath the top of the existing bed. The most important benefit of extra bed space is that it allows you to keep your children’s toys out of the main room while still keeping an eye on where they are when you are getting ready for bed. It also means that you do not need to worry about using up all the floor space by putting away all of your belongings into different drawers. If you are considering trundle beds, this would be a great way to keep extra items out of sight and away from your kids.

When it comes to purchasing a trundle bed the amount of space required is largely determined by the mattress that you will be choosing. If you are looking for a very large bed that will take up most of the available space in your room, then you will need to make sure that you choose one with at least 75 inches wide, which will ensure that it takes up the whole space. In fact, if you are lucky enough to have a king size mattress then you could probably get away with choosing a trundle bed which is two feet wider than the actual size of the bed.

Of course the size of the frame will also play a significant role in the trundle bed mattresses size. Many of the frames on the market today are actually smaller versions of the standard frames. For example you can buy trundle bed frames that are only three inches wide. These smaller frames are ideal as they are still large enough to store most standard sized furniture. If you want something slightly bigger then you can find some very large trundle bed mattresses, which will actually take up more room than the three-inch versions. However as with any regular mattress size you will still need to think about the weight limits of the furniture and make sure that the frames can support the full weight of the mattress before considering it.

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