Improve Your Living Room Decor With A Lawson-Style Sofa

Since its introduction in 1960, the Lawson-style sofa has been a popular choice for high-end sofas and other furniture. The original sofa was designed by Thomas Alexander Lawrence, who patented the new micro-mesh “hotel and automobile” covers that are still a common feature on today’s modern sofa sets. The original Lawson-style sofa utilizes the best of classic and contemporary design elements to create a unique piece of furniture that is an icon in its own right.
While originally only available in black or white, today’s models have a wide variety of colors and patterns available. This wide selection allows for a tremendous amount of personalization. Many people choose to coordinate the color of their Lawson-style couches and chairs to that of their home’s siding or even the carpeting in the living room. Many people who choose these original leather sofas and chair styles also choose to coordinate the upholstery and other pieces of furniture in the room with that of the sofa, including upholstery fabrics, curtains, and even decorative throw pillows.
The original Lawson-style sofa design features rectangular arms along the bottom edge of the cushions. Also, two corner brackets connect the arms. Corner brackets are circular buttoning that is placed at each corner of the arm. (The arms are typically wider than the corners of the arms.) These wide arms and buttons provide a comfortable, customized feel that makes the pieces extremely popular with many consumers.
The majority of modern Cabriole sofas and armrests are manufactured from a high-quality micro-mesh fabric, which is constructed using top-grade tear-resistant fabrics and hardware. As with most traditional leather products, micro-mesh creates an ultra-comfortable product that will not shrink, sag, or become damaged by day-to-day use. Besides, micro-mesh provides superior abrasion protection, preventing surface scratches and abrasion marks from forming on the fabric. Additionally, because these products utilize a sturdy, durable material, you know that you are getting a long-lasting, quality product that will be around for many years. Most modern Cabriole sofa designs will remain looking fresh and vibrant even years from date.
Because of the popularity of Lawson-style sofas and the wide variety of styles available, many consumers search for all-occasion slipcovers. Although there is a basic variation in the construction of the covers, such as square versus English rolled arm, most have a similar appearance and overall feel. Some of the more popular variations include Windsor Lined, English Rolled Arm, and Pleated. You may want to consider purchasing extra covers if you find that your current sofa is quickly becoming stained or torn. However, since there are many different styles available, you should be able to find the right fit and design for your new Lawson-style sofa.
While it may seem like a difficult task, keeping your Lawson-style sofa clean and looking great requires very little effort. Although high-quality materials are required, you can eliminate a lot of hard work with the proper care and upkeep of your furniture. As long as your furniture is protected from the elements, you will be able to enjoy comfortable, inviting sofas for many years to come. If you are ready to buy a new couch, but are unsure of exactly what you need, contact a local, trusted retailer today.

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